Eco Residences

In the most beautiful beach in Serifos,which is overlooking the endless blue horizon charm and the landscape of Cyclades , lies the COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos, where summer seems to keep forever.

 COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos will impress you from the first moment. It is a traditional complex of 13 houses with one or two rooms in Vagia, the most magical beach of the island  which belongs in the Natura beaches since 2000. The complex was built in the early 20th century to accomodate the miners of the island. The renovation of the complex was conducted by the architect GEORGE ZAFEIRIOU with full respect for the Cycladic landscape and the rules of bioclimatic architecture, converting the existing building into a summer earthly paradise.

COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos enables you to enjoy all the comforts of a modern holiday accommodation combined with luxury that hardly can be found anywhere else in the world: A view deeped into the charm of blue, blessed by the Aegean sun.

 Balconies and windows of all the residences have breathtaking sea view to the sea and to the beautiful gardens of the hotel. The beach bar with its comfortable seating is a right heaven of relaxation . The most precious gift of all though ,to its visitors is the magnificent beach that stretches in front of their legs, just a few steps from the hotel.

Of course,since COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos follows the philosophy and the aesthetics of COCO-MAT, hotel guests are treated with care and flair. A sophisticated menu is being prepared in a daily basis by our chef and relies on the fresh ingredients and foods with high nutritional value. The location is quiet and ideal for swimming, walking and jogging, and in the evening, after a wonderful day at the beach and the picturesque streets of the center, guests will enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep in the physical, non-metallic products COCO-MAT.